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Temeraire enjoys spending time with friends, but as many of his friends are human and spend a great deal of time in the large mansion, he doesn't get to see them as often as he would like.

And the dragon has learned that lurking hanging around the outside tends to upset some people so he's retreated to the forest where he can watch the lake and perhaps doze in the nice weather.

As above, closed thread for Crocker. If you would like a dragon, let me know and that can be arranged. ^^
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With 11-12, Temeraire had found a fairly nice cave. It was still a bit damp, but there were no bats and nothing else had wanted to share the cave with a massive dragon. He'd dragged in some branches and ground cover to make a softer spot to sleep on and when he shored up the entrance with some stones, it mostly blocked out the cold and it was inside the forest as well which helped a bit too.

Still... It wasn't the same and it just wasn't home.

So, there is a slightly morose black dragon, laying with his head poking out of the entrance to his cave and glaring at all the snow around the forest.

He didn't think he liked snow very much.

So, big black dragon, large cave, looking forward to talking to Bulge. If you want a dragon, let the typist know!


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